Ways to Earn Money Online for Free

Ways to Earn Money Online for Free

Ways to Earn Money Online for Free
Ways to Earn Money Online for Free

 If you are looking for contractors who would hire you and help you earn without making any investment, this article is just right for you. First of all you must know all the available ways to earn money online. Few of which you can see on any classified ad posting or jobs website is online or offline data entry work. This is the basic & easiest way to earn your part time income initially & later as you build your reputation you might be able to make this a full time job by working from home and investing nothing but time & skills.

Not all the programs that you see online are legit & pay you by end of the assignment. To make sure you get paid for your efforts, either you should search a company or employer who is easy to reach i.e. local in your city or at least your state. You should check for your employer’s and his company’s online reputation. You can do this by typing his or company’s name in Google & adding a word reviews or complaints in your search term. This can initially help you to check your employer’s market reputation. If you still think this is too much to do, I would suggest you a few top websites that have employers with their reviews & reputation rating already as son as you view their profile. Let’s discuss a few.

Top and most rated websites to look for online work where you will never have to invest anything & all you have to pay is a small commission and that too only after you get paid for your assignment each time you complete it & submit it successfully. You can start with one of them of may be 3 or 4 before you have built your experience and people start to send you personal message to ask if you are available to work for their project.

You can start with the one I have been working on for past more than 5 years. Just visit www.elance.com and first register with them. Do not forget to mention all your experience & skills. They also provide an option where you can give a self rating to your skills that you think would help other identify the reason to hire you. If at all you are unable to create a profile for yourself, start with browsing a few projects that match your skills & by reading them you will come to know what employers are looking for to hire in the market for their projects. The project description will help you create good quality content in your profile & self introduction. Adding any of your past experience will help you add a portfolio to your profile. In case you do not have any, leave it blank. The only difference in creating a portfolio would be you might have to work for low price initially & try to get good feedback from your new employers in term of time of work delivery, work quality, communication, response time etc.

Initially when I started working on this platform, it took me a month to get my first project. But I tried to at least apply for minimum of 10 projects each day. This is also the reason why I am advising you to sign up with 3 or 4 such websites so that you can apply a minimum of 3 to 4 projects in every website each day & should not take more than a fortnight to begin the first assignment.

Do not forget to check the employers online reputation, past projects, verified payment etc before you bid for the assignment or you might end up with no money. Some people just make fake ID’s to get their work done & then leave without paying by giving one reason or the other.

Other similar websites that you can sign up with are: freelancer.com, peopleperhour.com, fiverr.com. Once you have seen these websites, you will have a fair idea to look for similar ones and signup with them. But if you ask for my personal advise, I think these 3 should be good enough to start with. I am sure that now you have multiple and not any one legit sources / ways to start earning money online for free. All you have to invest here is time & efforts and try to give your best so that you get a 5 start feedback from your employer. I wish you luck.


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