100% Working Keyword Strategies to Rank 1st on Google

 100% Working Keyword Strategies to Rank 1st on Google

100% Working Keyword Strategies to Rank 1st on Google100% Working Keyword Strategies to Rank 1st on Google

Today in this post you will know about keyword strategies for Rank on Google 1st page, how to use anchor text, what should be ratio of anchor text to main keywords, how can you make use of generic keyword, how can you do segregation of keywords work, what saves you from Google penalize while doing backlinks, guest posting, Web 2.0 Directory etc.
Basically, in search engine optimization (SEO) keywords are having following terms:-
Organic Keywords
Buying Keywords or Paid Keywords
Branded Keywords
Seasonal Keywords
Non Seasonal Keywords
Non Branded Keywords
These are self-explanatory keywords so starting through the main stuff, I am including 3-types of main keywords on which all strategies works:-
Target Keywords or Anchor Keywords
Enhanced/Brand Keywords
Target keywords are main keywords which you need to get rank on page first of Google where as Enhanced keywords helps targeted keyword to get rank.
Now, let’s take an example of target keyword “Earn Money Online” and then we divide into 3-categories for work out:-
  • Earn Money Online* (All Keywords having anything after main keyword: Earn Money Online)
  • Earn Money Online With Google Adsense
  • Earn Money Online From Home
  • Earn Money Online From Internet
  • Earn Money Online Pdf
  • Earn Money Online Ebook
These type of keywords is known as Exact Match Anchor Keywords.
*Earn Money Online (All Keywords having anything before main keyword: Earn Money Online)
How to earn money online
5 simple ways to earn money online
Tips for earn money online
Best Plateform to Earn Money Online
*Earn Money Online* (All Keywords having anything before & after main keyword: Earn Money Online)
How to Earn Money Online With Google Adsense Effectively
5- Simple Ways to Earn Money Online From Internet
Tips For Beginners to Earn Money Online From Home
Best Free Earn Money Online Program E-book
In this way, you will be able to make long tail keywords. You can use Semrush or Keyword Planner for searches of traffic and other information.

Brand Keywords:-

Make money online, make money from internet, Quick way of money making program etc are the types of brand keywords which is relevant to your keyword and will increase the trust factor of your site but it not helps into ranking as it. These type of keywords mostly used for guest posting and web 2.0 directory in bringing diversification in anchor text.

Generic Keyword:-

visit this site, click here, site url, that site,  this site , your name, below link are the example of generic keywords in which we encourage the people to do so. This type of keywords mostly used for blog commenting.

After finding your keywords, segregate main keywords to brand keywords. Your one main keywords anchor text ratio should be less than 4% means if you are creating 100 backlinks for your blog then you should not use more than 4 backlinks with your main targeted keywords. If you do this, then there will be chance of Google penalize your domain.

The ratio of anchor text is always a mystery. Every person suggest it according to his own strategy but if I talk about myself, I always used 10% anchor text of EMA (Exact match Anchor), 60% EMA Long Tail which are having less traffic, 20% Brand Keywords and 10% Generic Keywords.
Recommended:- Types of User Intent Search Query Keywords
What are the different keyword types (see by Graph)
After talking so much about keywords, anchor text, it’s time to talk about domain by taking an example:-

Earn Money Online

1 Exact Match Domain (EMD): earnmoneyonline.com (org,net and top level domains)
2 Partial Match Domain (PMD): earnmoneyonlinehome.com (com,net and top level domain)
3 Brand Domain (Brand): earnmoneyebook.com (org, net and top level domain)
4 Brandable Domain: Any Expire and Aged Domain

As Exact Match Domain and partial match domain are self explanatory types of domain, we need to discuss about brand and brandable domain. Brand domains are the domains which is famous for his work likely informational site is making brand of his name, shopping portals making their brand as shopping sites. Brandable Domains are those domains which is an expired domain or aged domain because this type of domain is easy to rank and you can use this type of domain for your PBN (Private Blog Network) structure too.

If you brought new website, you need to pass out 3-month timing of Google sandbox because if you add PR-3 PR-4 backlinks instantly after creating site then here is chance of Google penalty. To again save domain from penalty, we tried to buy the expired exact match domain with good page authority and domain authority.  You can check out the Expired exact match domain from Fresh Drop and on other selling and buying platform.

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